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The following is a few links to various websites that give an idea about the  range of attractions that Derry has to offer a tourist visiting this historic city.

One of the best sites to discover whats going on in Derry is - this is probably the most useful site for any one visiting Derry - it has information on everthing from Coming Attractions to Tours that are available to a guide to you shopping needs to places to Eat and Drink. Why not request a brochure here.

Another excellent site is - this is a more general site for the whole of NI but has some excellent information on Derry City and its surroundings. Brouchures are availabe here.

Now to mention a few interesting places close to Amore B&B.

Just a few minutes walk from us is the Bogside Gallery of Murals - these murals painted on gable walls were a vocal political expression during the recent period of history in Northern Ireland known as The Troubles - The People’s Gallery refers to twelve murals painted by three local artists, which interpret events during The Troubles in Derry.

Also close by is the Derry Tower Museum - Located within the city's historic walls it has 2 permanent exhibitions - The Story of Derry and An Armada Shipwreck - From the top of the Tower is an open air viewing vacility giving spectacular views on the inner city and river Foyle.

There is also the Museum of Free Derry - this museum focuses on the civil rights campaign which emerged in the 1960s and the Free Derry/early Troubles period of the early 1970s. It tells the people’s story of the civil rights movement, the Battle of the Bogside, Internment, Free Derry and Bloody Sunday. 

But Derry is not all museums -

We have theatres - The Playhouse - The Millenium Forum - The Waterside Theatre

And galleries - The Context Gallery - The Gordon Gallery - The McGilloway Gallery

Shops - A small list can be found here.

And of course one or two pubs wherenot only can you enjoy a socialable drink but also indulge in some fine cuisine and maybe stay on for the nightlife and some craic.

A list of pubs and eateries can be found here - happy eating.


This is by no means a full list of things to do and see in Derry so if you have any further questions ask away on our contact details below.


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